Library Summer Reads - Bear Boar by Michelle Robinson

We start with a firm favourite in the Bailey household, it’s a super quick, bear-based book that we found an ideal one for those stumbling between their first words and beyond! It’s Michelle Robinson’s ‘Bear Boar’.

It’s a brilliantly simple yet ever rewarding read, that develops with every new telling. It can last forty seconds or four minutes and we read it very differently now to our first time.

It’s a conversation starter, lots of comparable real life situations to draw from now for Little J as he impatiently waits for THAT page (no spoiler!) and then reconciles and reflects as teamwork and friendship saves the day (okay, spoiler).

Its seemingly simple story is mirrored in the delightfully stark, minimal primary colour palette and chunky illustrations by David Sim

We love the it. Plus, how funny is a hairy blue pig (no Daddy, not’s a pig!).

Little J and I first read it when he was about 15 months and it has never disappointed. My review is as short as the book itself, it’s brilliant. You should loan, buy, read a copy today...and tomorrow….and the next day.

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