Oh you teas! - Which chai to choose?

I love a good spicy masala chai, it might possibly be the greatest thing on Earth...well almost. I simply cannot drink enough, trust me I have tried. I often ponder the blood to chai ratio in my body.

There's nothing quite like making your own and I have tried and tested a good few recipes and have honed it down to a favourite recipe, which I will share in a blog post very soon!

If I am out and about I will always opt for one and whilst most cafes and restaurants now have it on the drinks menu, they tend to be tea bags. They can be hit and miss but there are a few stand out ones for me.

Palanquin Spiced Tea is definitely one of the best. It’s strong, spicy and you get a good undertone kick of black pepper. Just open the box and embrace the strong hit of spice! Highly recommended. Got to give it three minutes plus brew time for a perfect cup. I can quite easily drink my way through a box in just over a week.

Teapigs do a great chai too, I find it needs a good 5-6 minutes of brew time to get the flavour out but not far behind Palanquin. They are a more expensive option but worth buying if you see on offer or make a good present for a tea lover.

Others that I recommend are Tea India - Masala/Cardamon chai tea bags, Twinings and Yogi Tea also do a fine chai tea bag.

As for supermarkets, I have pretty much tried them all. Tesco just sneak it, their Finest* ‘Fragrant & Spicy Chai’ is an ideal everyday chai tea bag. Whilst it doesn’t have the intense flavour of a Palanquin it does taste really good, provided you can keep the tea bags as airtight as possible. Within a fortnight or so of opening a packet, that beautiful strong smell diminishes quite quickly.

There are a lot of chai latte powders doing the rounds now too. These are definitely more hit and miss. Some barely taste of anything whilst others can be overpowering.

Drink Me Chai Latte Spiced is a great one, in fact, when made properly it is truly delicious. All about the powder to milk ratio. It takes a good few tries to get it right.

Krüger also make a tasty chai latte (sachets), whilst I haven't tried the 'Classic India' the 'Fresh India' are really nice. A little too perfumed for my taste but they’re definitely worth a try.

Spicy Chai Latte - Barú - With little chocolate nibbles hidden inside! Something of a novelty, but a delicious one. I bought some in Galeries Lafayette in Paris but I have seen it in the UK since.

Should you be lucky enough to have time on your hands then I highly recommend making your own chai. It is surprisingly quick to make and tastes infinitely better than the shop bought tea bags. Keep you eyes peeled for another blog coming soon where I share my favourite chai recipe.

If you have any other favourites or recommendations that aren't on this list please do share them with me.

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