Chai food recipes - Some suggestions to compliment your cup of chai

Rounding off my recent spree of chai posts, is a look at my favourite alternative and food chai recipes and products.

With Halloween gone by but pumpkins readily available to most, I can’t recommend Stash Tea’s Chai-Iced Pumpkin Cookies enough. They are utterly delicious and I highly suggest making a huge batch of the chai icing and smothering over anything and everything. Ice cream, porridge, rice pudding, a brioche or any plain pastry for that matter.

Chai Ginger Ice Cream Sandwiches - I must say Minimalist Baker, these look outrageous! Even though summer has been and gone, these would make a perfect autumn ice cream treat for a blustery day.

Chocolate Chai Pots de Creme - Oh my word. Nothing more needs to be said about these treats from the fabulous Sugar Hero, the title says it all!

Frosted Chai Snickerdoodles - Sally’s Baking Addiction - I have yet to have the pleasure of trying a snickerdoodle...but not for much longer. These with a piping hot cup of my favourite homemade chai are on the agenda for next weekend!

Masala Chai Banana Bread - Recently spotted in the Guardian, this recipe was made for me! Ok maybe not but I do love a good banana bread and this looks and I’m sure will taste incredible. Check out Selma’s Table for many other (non-chai) related recipes too!

This Chai Tea Milk Chocolate by Sue Gilmour is beautifully moreish, you simply must buy a bar...or eight if you can find a stockist. Also great crumbled over a creamy vanilla ice cream.

Recently spotted in Nigella’s new book ‘Simply Nigella’, I will definitely have to give these a try. I’m sure she won’t mind me swapping out the teabags for my favourite homemade chai!

Jamie Oliver’s Chai Martinis - Chai and brandy? What isn’t to like? The perfect winter cocktail.

I openly admit to having not tried all of these delicious sounding recipes just yet but will be doing so over the next few weeks. I will keep you updated with my recommendations and if I find any more. Any others that you can recommend please do let me know!

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