A Time of Change

Whilst reading to Little J one morning this week it was obvious something had changed. Much like with his dizzy woodpecker page anticipation in Peck, Peck, Peck, his excitement has now become impatience.

As the reader this is becoming trickier to handle. He wants to get to that page sooner, now! Reading quicker is no longer an option. Many twists and turns, plot lines and big reveals will be missed. Doesn't he realise I am missing out on essential storytelling! The payoff never hitting the mark. Ok, so something of a selfish over exaggeration but in all seriousness, our story time has become disjointed.

What this does though, is make storytelling more interesting. The laziness of formulaic story reading now not an option. Who needs to read page by page anyway? I now know I have less time to read the story so memorising and quick thinking are key. Whilst keeping the story the same, it has become more unpredictable. New stories emerge and with Little J's input we might now get lions, planes, bananas, the moon and Mummy cropping up in them more frequently.

Whilst this is a new thing, it won't last. Every book still ends with squeals of 'more' and we usually re-read most books instantly. The tricky thing is remembering what story you have just told and whether or not to deviate, throw something new in there? Whether Little J will tolerate this we will see!

It is amazing to see his character developing so quickly and I am intrigued to see what turn our reading will take next.

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