Raiding the Attic Part #2

Further discoveries have been made in the recent loft delving and a beloved Barbapapa book was the highlight this time.

Celebrating 45 years in 2015, Barbapapa is as popular as ever and is seemingly a licensing dream when it comes to stationary, plush, vinyl toys, kitchenware, books, the list goes on. I was delighted to find that 'Barbapapa's Theatre', one of my favourite childhood books, had survived two decades up in the loft. With a lovely message from my Granny ‘Barbara-papa’(!) on the inside front cover, this book is clinging together by the finest of threads. I adored the bright, colourful images as a child and definitely warrant part of my love of design and illustration to the characters thought up by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor.

‘Barbapapa’s Theatre’ is a beautiful story about missing out on something you really wanted but then using your imagination (and in Barbapapa’s case, fluidly morphic bodies) to make something even more fun! Like with the Tweety witch illustration (see 'Raiding the Attic Part #1'), the image of the slayed Barbapapa dragon seems eternally etched in my memory and finding all these years later was joyous.

Whilst I won’t be reading this book to Little J just yet, (it wouldn’t survive his eager reading style!) it will definitely make an appearance in years to come. I wonder how many other books that I adored or thought were lost will be re-discovered on my next loft adventure?

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