Raiding the Attic Part #1

A recent foray into my parents loft has yielded a great number of my childhood books. They really should open their own library! This weeks plunder had many familiar faces in there and a deemed lost collection of ‘Little Golden Books’ that I pored over as a little kid. There was the Pink Panther, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Tweety, ghosts, witches, what wasn’t to love!

"You Pink Disaster!"

There was always something extra special about reading these books. Maybe because of the extra rendering of the illustrations that weren't in the cartoons? The gold spine and textured paper seemed so luxurious. I still recall finding the Pink Panther popping the ghosts sheet in the washing machine hilarious and the image of Tweety wearing the witch mask has always stuck with me. The enjoyment of being intrigued...and feeling scared probably.

"A Scawy Witch!"

There are many other excellent books in the range and many modern stories have recently been honoured in this range, ‘Disney’s Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Spongebob’, 'Wreck it Ralph', 'Sesame Street', ‘Frozen’ and even 'Star Wars' to name just a few! It will be so nice to have more recent additions in Little J's collection, when he is able to sit through a feature film...still quite some way off that I feel though!

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