Summer Reads

What a bumper crop of amazing books for little ones this summer! I have narrowed down a huge shortlist to a sensational six. Any of which will keep young ones entertained on a car, train or plane trip or would be perfect read on a picnic or day at the beach.

First up is:

Wolfie the Bunny - Ame Dyckman - Zachariah OHora

The age old tale of new sibling jealousy told in a most beautiful Bavarian-esque style, all painted in acrylics! A wolf baby Brother dressed in rabbits clothing shopping at a Sloth run carrot shop, what’s not to love!

Where’s the Pair? - Britta Teckentrup

Britta has done it again! Following on from ‘Odd One Out’ is ‘Where’’s the Pair?’, a  visually stunning book for keen eyed young ones. Suitable for so many ages, be they barking and tweeting, spotting the colours or the odd ones out it is a truly delightful book. Toucans, bears, fish, all of the most vibrant colours and patterns will keep you and your little ones entertained day after day, rain or shine!

 Sardines of Love (Child's Play Library) by Zuriñe Aguirre

A fishy love story surely can't be the premise of many books but ‘Sardines of Love’ is a charming story about one man's love and one woman’s utter detest of sardines. A sudden shortage of sardines send the couple on a careering rollercoaster of an adventure, via an ever helpful octopus! An especially good choice for any nautical holidaying families and an excellent Grandparent read!

 Little Bird’s Bad Word - Jacob Grant

The very recently released ‘Little Bird’s Bad Word’ promises to be a fun and colourful read, on a subject I am sure most parents will have experienced. The repetition of a word not meant for small ears! Jacob Grants illustrations and mixed media art style blend a beautifully complimentary colour palette with simple composition to perfection. We excitedly wait to read his latest book!

Home – Carson Ellis

Ever thought your house looked a little odd? Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a giant shoe? ‘Home’ is a minimal narrative look at the wondrous places people could and can call home. An illustrative feast from ‘Wildwood’ illustrator Carson Ellis.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School - Davide Cali - Benjamin Chaud

A brilliant story that launches the reader's imagination into all manner of situations that hinder our young characters journey to school. A loud and laugh filled book that can be read again and again. Beautifully illustrated with a classic 60s/70s illustrative style that took me back to reading books at my Grandparents house when I was small.

It may well be that there is a part two to this blog post later in the summer. It really is looking like a great summer for reading stories!

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