For the Love of Reading

After something of a blogging sabbatical, I return with a greatly reinvigorated passion, having been inspired by many recent hours, spent reading to my adorable young son. Rediscovering much loved classic stories and a whole world of new books has utterly refuelled my love of illustration and storytelling. 

Visiting the London Book Fair in April and taking in the wealth of beautiful new books out there, in what seems to be a real boom of visually rich, engaging, beautifully illustrated stories, I feel it is the perfect time to share our reading and the discoveries to be had at our local library as well as the odd sneaky purchase or four from our favourite book shops. 

Amongst the whole plethora of awe-inspiring things having a young son has brought, his adoration of listening to stories, burgeoning understanding and recognition of words and sounds and excitement at choosing which book to read is wonderful. He avidly points to his bookshelf each morning when he wakes up and we often find ourselves croaking, woofing, roaring and falling about in a fit of giggles over our much thumbed copy of 'Dear Zoo', which brings unbounded joy for me. One that I simply cannot help but share.

I now head to the bookshelf with the little one. Our adventures to follow soon.

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