Book Review - One Thousand Things

First up is a new book in our collection ‘One Thousand Things’ by Hungarian illustrator Anna Kövecses.

From the moment this arrived and I opened the packaging I knew it would be a firm family favourite. Beautiful design aside, it has already been buzzed, tweeted, vroomed and vrrrrrrd (or whatever noise a vacuum makes) at by Little J. I can already see this being read weekly as his vocabulary blooms and the excitement of spotting a bee or a vacuum cleaner(!) will always remain...well until he is old enough to be embarrassed!

You are instantly thrown into colourful and informative layout of each page which runs in categories throughout the book. Each page would look great as an A2 poster which is testament to the lovely illustrations.

I can see our 'One Thousand Things' being passed to younger siblings and family members for many years to come and as his enjoyment of reading this book is currently as strong as mine, we will be reading it almost every day.

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more books by Anna Kövecses and recommend this for anyone whose little one is starting the almighty grapple with words!

'One Thousand Things' is one of many gorgeous books from publisher Wide Eyed Editions.

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