Short Films

There seems to be a huge wave of incredibly good short films doing the rounds at the moment and as always some that are just breathtaking.

Myosis’ by the 3rd year students at GOBELINS is one such film. It looks truly majestic, the sound design is superb and the art direction is something of beauty. It really shows off the fantastic standard of animation coming out of the school with effects animation done in TV Paint really gripping you from the moment it starts. Simply stunning.

Channel 4’s ‘Random Acts’ is always worth a watch and at present are close to reaching the 500 mark. Some personal favourites of late include the unique ‘Table Manners’ by Rebecca Manley which is utterly brilliant. A master class in short film storytelling and a style unlike anything I have seen before. Coined as ‘Muppets gone bad’ by Televisual.

Another short that has caught the eye is the beautifully conceived ‘Upstairs’ from Matthias Hoegg, his captivating visual style and sense of humour in full force telling the tale of a man’s desperation and imagination getting the better of him. If you liked this film and haven’t already seen it (some how) then you must watch his 2010 film 'Thursday'. It is a rare breed of film which could be paused at any moment and the screenshot could easily be hung on a wall as a print. Love his work!

Keeping it brief today as you have the splendid films above to consume, more short films to keep an eye out for coming soon!

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