Troll Swap & Shifty McGifty - Two Hurricane Half Term Reads!

The recent re-discovery of my childhood books has sent me on another binge of illustrated children's books of old so I will be on the hunt for more such books in the coming weeks. I will of course share them on here as and when I discover them! A trip to Hay-on-Wye soon very much on the agenda.

Often with people working in animation they also ply their trade in many other mediums, with illustrating children's books becoming ever more popular.  Two such very talented people have wonderful new books out that I simply have to share. I am a huge admirer of their work (both animated and illustrated!) and had to buy both because visually they are stunning, the stories are brilliant and also anyone who visits will want to read them when they see them in the library!

I will start with ‘Troll Swap’ by Leigh Hodgkinson. You only need to look at one of her illustrations or animations to be drawn into a frenzy of Googling more images and children’s books she has written and illustrated. Any little cousins I have own at least one book by Leigh! Other books you should look out for are ‘Colin and the Snoozebox’, ‘Goldilocks and Just the One Bear’ and ‘Smile’, trust me you won’t regret it and young ones will adore them.

Without giving too much away the story revolves around Tabitha Lumpit a loud, loopy and messy little girl and Timothy Limpet a nice, polite and tidy troll that is until one day they decide to swap places!

It is a stunning book, full of colours and textures and is perfect to read to little ones and further down the line for them to read to you!

‘Troll Swap’ has also just been nominated in the ‘Funniest Book for Children aged Six and Under’ in the Roald Dahl Funny Awards which is greatly deserved, well done Leigh!

For more info on Leigh and for more on her books check out her website WonkyButton 

Steve Lenton is a brilliant illustrator based in North London, check out 2Dscrumptious for all things wonderful. 'Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam' written by Tracey Corderoy and illustrated by Steve is selling better than hot cakes with the Royal babies face on!

The book follows the worlds most useless robber dogs Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam. When their master plan goes awry their neighbours not so half-baked idea gives them food for thought.

A charming story with gorgeous illustrations that get more colourful by the page is a must for any youngster who loves a bedtime story, especially those who love a rhyme, dogs or cakes or all three!

 He is quite the dog doodler of late, check out his great numeric canine cards on LagomDesign too!

Both of these illustrators are published by the highly talented peeps at Nosy Crow and cover a lot of miles touring the UK doing workshops and school visits so keep an eye out, especially with it being half term you might be lucky and get to meet them. Steven will be at Southend Children’s Book Festival next week on October 29th for example, nudge nudge! 

Both of these titles and many, many more wonderful children’s books are available from Nosy Crow who also have some marvelous storybook apps and lots more on the horizon by the sounds of it so do check their website for more details!

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