Run Wrake 1963-2012

Everyone has a few people that they deem an inspiration. In this day and age the word is casually thrown around far too easily so I very rarely use it unless I really and truly mean it. 

Today marks a year since British illustrator/animator/director Run Wrake passed away and is very sorely missed by everyone who knew, met or simply admired him and his work. I was lucky enough to see his work early in my animation days and no other person’s films have ever had such an impact on me. I was spellbound right from the moment the record starts spinning a matter of seconds into ‘Jukebox’. It inspired me to draw more, experiment more with my art, ideas and style and on some level think more differently and not worry about it but to make the films I truly wanted to. I will always look back fondly over the hours I spent in the university library watching everything I could find by him on VHS. It definitely helped inspire the first film I made in university and I can honestly say it has had an impact on every piece of personal work I have made since.

I remember waiting to see ‘Rabbit’ at Norwich Animation Festival in 2005, it was one of my first animation festivals and when I found out Run’s new film was on the programme I felt real pangs of excitement, tantamount to watching a favourite band live or a long anticipated feature. I was not disappointed and the film went on to deservedly win many great prizes and awards. I don’t know how many times I have seen it since but we are talking fifty plus and I am ever more fond of it with each viewing. Everything from his work with Howie B, idents for MTV and CBBC to the stunning visuals for U2's 'Vertigo' tour is enchanting and demands your attention right from the off.

I was really disappointed not to be able to make the memorial screening of Run’s work at the Royal College of Art two weeks back but it sounds like it was a very emotional occasion. Whenever someone speaks of Run it is always with such fervour and admiration and he is very dearly missed.

Dream wildly Run and thank you for the incredible films and for inspiring so many people in such a short time.

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